Sacred Femenine Energy

Queen´s program – The power of the high value woman

I have met the high value woman that I am and so have you, through my artwork I am promoting and defending the feminine energy and the vibration of the high value woman; send me your favourite photograph to start with the personalised work, so you will see yourself through a mirror that reflects your soul, in 12 days I can send it to your home.

It is a beautiful gift for you to give to yourself, to your mum, to your wife or sister, or to that lady you are conquering.

I want to tell you something, in 2020 I exhibited in Italy a work of art called KAMAL in the exhibition Matter, talking to my mother who is in heaven and making a tribute to me and my 11 year old daughter in a poem that I wrote and painted.

I am a Mexican-Dutch artist with Central American roots, I send it to you by POST.NL with certificate of authenticity.


Send me:

Name of the high-value woman
Favourite season of the year
Work style of the special programme of queens, high value women, fall in love with yourself. Be true to yourself.

  • Your photo (Must be just of you centered, choose your favorite.
  • Your 3 favourite colours
  • Your favourite season
  • Your favourite song

Make the payment and receive a unique work of art, a poem and the satisfaction of feeling beautiful and empowered every day.

Take an advantage now and fullfill this form

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